Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fly Safe, baby!

Our very last dossier docs have made it to the next traveling family. The family leaves from Utah on June 16 to head to Kiev where they will meet up with our facilitation team. This is so exciting! Please keep this family in your prayers over the next two weeks. The Mrs. is already in country and they are waiting for their final days of the adoption process as well.

Our timeframe is closing in. I expect we will be submitted within the next two weeks and could receive travel dates anytime after that. We are looking at around another $6500 minimum to raise before we are fully funded. It is still a big number, but I believe in a big God. We will make this happen but I am in need of help. Do you think you could spare a few dollars to us today? Could you share our story with 5 friends today?

The easiest way to donate from our blog is to hit that pink donation button or visit our Reece's Rainbow page. ALL donations are tax deductible! Please pray for us and that we will meet this goal soon!

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