Thursday, June 22, 2017

Christmas in July

Things are just plugging along here in Central Florida. It's been a not-so-breezy 95* all week and just all around hot and sweaty and miserable.

That is when a genius idea struck me! Why not make this miserable time as happy as possible? What is the happiest time in year? (Not including when you get the phone call that its time to go see your baby) Christmas time of course, and thus "Christmas in July" was born.

I'll be working on a few Christmas themed crafts and gathering items to hold an auction in the middle of July. If you have anything you'd like to donate please let me know. Anything goes... Christmas related items, anything that would make a good present, gift cards, gift certificates, etc.

 Hopefully around that time I will also receive travel dates. Everything is coming down to the last bits and pieces until we can bring our son home. I am so thankful for our amazing team and my awesome family for dealing with my craziness and inability to think straight at any given moment.

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