Friday, June 16, 2017

Chosen and Dearly Loved

So this week some amazing things are happened.

1. On Monday - It was my birthday; yay 31! I appreciate growing older. It is a privilege denied to so many. I look forward to what this next year in the journey of my life will bring: A growing family, career and learning opportunities, building a stronger faith and foundation with God and so forth.

2. On Monday evening I received the BEST gift ever. I received a phone call from Catherine with an organization called, Chosen and Dearly Loved. They are an amazing organization that offers advocacy and support for adopting families and orphans around the world. Catherine called to let me know they chose our family to feature and offered a matching grant of $2,500 through LifeSong for Orphans, a second well known and cherished organization.. This is AMAZING! What that means exactly is Lifesong for Orphans has opened an account for us similar to our RR account where tax deductible donations can be made. Once donations have reached $2,500 they will match that amount for us. That's means $5,000! If we can hit that we will be so close to fully funded. I'll post those details on how to donate below.

3. My boys (hubby and our two sons)  are visiting family this week in Michigan. This week our son Pasha was able to meet his Grandpa Frank and aunts and uncles for the first time this week! Also, our two boys were able to meet their step brothers for the first time this week. Its been extra special for them and I am so thankful they were able to spend this time together.

4. Lastly, today, the 16th the very last of our needed dossier documents have flown over the Atlantic. Please say a little prayer that this families trip went well and was smooth for them. Fingers crossed that this time next week we will be submitted.

We do still have a very long way to go. Please send the vibes and the prayers and whatever well wishes you can our way and also remember there are so many families out there in the same position we are. I see so many Mom's and Dad's who work their butts off to earn extra funds. They make and bake and sew and babysit and anything else you can think of. It is hard to do. It is hard to not become discouraged and it can be difficult to pick someone else up when you yourself also feel the weight of pressure to reach these goals. Earning the money is truly a ransom and it is not earned easily or else everyone would be adopting, right? ;)

If you'd like to make a donation into our Lifesong account to join us in meeting this matching grant then please visit this website. Add our Last Name: Chinchak and Account Number: 7012 to the appropriate fields.

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