Saturday, July 1, 2017

Submittal and C&DL

Hello Friends,

Awesome news this week. After months of paperwork and stress levels beyond words..... we have been submitted to the courts to request permission to visit our little boy! I am beyond excited and maybe I cried in relief a little. It always feels like a bit of a cliff hanger until you know for sure everything is in perfect order. We have had some bumps along the way, but all looks well at this point. So in about 4 weeks we should receive our travel dates and I do expect to be heading to Eastern Europe around the second week of August. Exciting!

We have also received our direct link for donations to our account with Lifesong for Orphans. This is exciting as well. We were chosen by an organization called, Chosen & Dearly Loved as a sponsor family. Catherine from C&DL called me on my birthday to let us know we were chosen and she is the kindest person ever. I love when strangers can come together and pray and gush over their love for this ministry. There is no better feeling in the world- talk about Goosebumps!

This grant from C&DL is being monitored by Lifesong so all donated funds will be sent there. Once we reach $2,500 in this account, C&DL will match it, dollar for dollar. That's $5,000!! Please feel free to share this information for us. We are nearing the end of this leg of our journey and soon our boy will be home with us!

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