Sunday, July 23, 2017

We wait.

I often sit at the computer and wonder what updates to make for the Blog. I feel like there is a long time that passes where there really are no updates. Like the last three weeks. It has been just over three weeks since our dossier was submitted to the Ukrainian adoption department. Three weeks of hovering over the phone, waiting for it to ring, waiting for those awesome words that are going to make my eyes flood with tears of joy.

That's the thing though. It has only been three weeks. In my correct mental state I know that three weeks is not really all that long in the dossier submitted world. Three weeks. It is probably still sitting on someone's desk somewhere in Kiev. Untouched. Oh, but how I know that anything and everything is so unpredictable. They could call at any moment and have my appointment scheduled for 5 days from now, or 20 days or tomorrow! You just never, ever know, and so I sit like a hawk. Watching, listening and waiting. Of course this is difficult when you have three other children at home and you're still in the fundraising trenches. What can I do next? How can I get more sales from this idea, etc. It is so hard and I can only Thank God for the endurance to keep me moving. This is such hard work and until you've done it I don't believe you can appreciate all the time, effort, stress, loss of family time and sanity it really is.

I pray we get at least one other grant in to boost us much closer to our funded number. We are so close and I think another $6,000 should cover everything. Pray with us. It is such a tedious task. I could not imagine being a board member trying to decide which families you can help. There is such a great, great need out there. How do you tell a family who is really struggling to earn the ransom of an orphan that there just is not enough money? Pray long and hard for these men and women for God's guidance.

I am hoping that with our next update I will have wonderful news of travel to share with you!

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