Saturday, May 6, 2017

FaceBook Auction and USCIS

Hello Everyone! So excited to be back with somewhat of an update for you.

The last week of April we held an online auction and all money is going towards our adoption fees. We had some amazing donations from our friends in the adoption community along with several GENEROUS Etsy store owners. In all sincerity, without these donors we would not have had much to work with and our gratitude can never be expressed. I'd like to give these folks a little shout out so if you have time please check them all out and support them if you're in a shopping mood.

Reborn Furnishings
Country Tags
Stitching Families Together (find her on FaceBook)
The Village Gifts
Beyond Paper Flowers
Madison Street Leather
In A Different Package

A huge, "THANK YOU" to these stores and their generosity. I am very sure these small shops are bombarded with requests, often fake ones, and they took the time to check out our blog and story and saw that we are very real.

That being said, after bids and a little extra in donations (before taking out shipping costs) we made just under $1400.00. That is fantastic! Much more then I anticipated. Thank you to all our bidders! Your support is very appreciated.

We are still plugging away on fundraising and saving towards the remaining funds we need. At this point we need right around $8,000 more to be fully funded. It sounds like a lot, and it is, but honestly, we can do this. Look how much we have raised in such a short amount of time anyway. Remember, we do have our tax free account where donations can be made. You can click the "Donate" button our blog to be taken directly to the site. :)

Great news!! We have our Immigration fingerprint appointment on Monday morning at 8 am. We are praying for a quick turn around with no requests for additional information. I tried to be very proactive in sending everything they could possibly ask for. Fingers crossed!

We want to just say, Thank you again to everyone for all your love and support along the way.

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