Saturday, March 4, 2017

Updates Galore

Hello Everyone!

I sat back this morning and realized it had been a hot minute since I updated everyone on our FANTASTIC progress. It was so much easier to update when Blogger had their app. Why did they take that away again???

Our HomeStudy should be in my hot little hand at some point next week. YES! Then off to the USCIS office it goes. Then at some point after they receive it we shall get our appointment for fingerprinting. Super official! Once our prints are done......we wait. Will we get a first time approval? I hope so. Pray it is so.

All of our dossier documents are signed. A large portion of them are on their way to the capital for their official seals. We will still need to get all of our Home Study copies sealed and a few scragglers but that's it. Once they are sealed they will make the long journey to Europe where my AMAZING team will put it all together in a beautiful packet for us.

So it is like 84% ok to say that all my paperwork is done. Handled. Signed. Almost sealed. Almost delivered. It is an amazing feeling. Depending on how long USCIS takes to approve us, we could be traveling several weeks earlier then anticipated. That's awesome!

So the last thing to do is raise that pesky $14,000 that we still need. I'm off to print grant applications and brainstorm fundraisers. If YOU want to join me in making that number a weeee bit smaller please feel free to hit that DONATE button. All donations to this account are tax free and much appreciated.
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