Friday, January 27, 2017

Just a few notes

Hey Everyone,

I've had several questions asked in the last few days,along with random thoughts just flutter through my head so I thought I would lay them all out here.

These are in no particular order...

1. I have been advocating for adopting families for a couple of years now. You will still see me post on behalf of those families even though we are currently in process. My love for these families will not die out, even in my own time of need.

2. When a person makes a Tax Deductible donation to our family through our Reece's Rainbow link I am not notified. Around 6 months in the process I will ask for a list of our donors so I may thank them. I will ask again after "Chance" is home. I will personally thank you at some point just not right after your donation is made. Please know we are always grateful and appreciate pennies to dollars! :)

3. If you prefer to send a check in for a donation that is perfectly fine too! You can make checks Payable to Reece's Rainbow P.O. Box 277 Monrovia, MD 21770-- Just be sure to Memo: Chinchak Family 

4. There is a very stigma in the world that goes something like this: "If you can't afford to adopt a baby then you can't afford another baby". Please do me a favor and take those 14 words and throw that thought right out the window. Adoption is hard enough as it is and no one needs that negativity in their life. If you personally have something against adoption then please move along. Fact is there are more people who believe in adoption than are against it and you'll just have 17 Adopt Moms come to the rescue. Trust me, it is better for you to move along. 

5. Adding to #4... Adoption is hard. It is time, money, ..sanity stealing hard. The average adoption is around $20,000 (some are more, some are less). Every country is different and the requirements are different. Does anyone just have that money laying around? At this time likely not. I hate to compare kids with cars, but think of it as a car. Do you have $20,000 laying around to buy a new car? No. You make a down payment and you finance it right? You can afford a monthly payment but not the amount down. Same with adopting. You don't have that money set aside (most of the time) but you can afford the additional monthly stipulation. 

6. Also kind of going back to #4... Do not judge adoptive families. Some have 12 kids, some 1. A family is a family and how they choose to grow is not up for debate. I couldn't take care of 12 kids, but that is me. Some can and POWER TO THEM! 

7. So you can not give money to help a family? That is OK! I can assure you that adopting families do not expect everyone or even a majority of people they know to give. It just isn't in the cards. There are so many other things you can do instead!-Pray for this family. If you don't pray, send the good vibes, thoughts of positivity, believe me, they go a long way. - Host a fundraiser for them... bake sales, car washes, whatever you want. - Cook a meal for them once they are home and settled. This might actually need to be the #1 thing you do! :) - Help them spread the word. Share their blog post or FB post. You never know who is watching! 

I am sure I missed a few things, but there is plenty of time! Just Love Thy Neighbor :)

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