Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Welcome to Holland

"Welcome to Holland" is a poem written by a fellow special needs Mom in the late 1980's. When I read through this poem there are a lot of different emotions I feel and thoughts I think.

For one, the late 1980's... how so many things have changed since that time. We are still changing many common misconceptions here in 2017. As of this moment we are fighting like hell to stop the "R" word. We are just coming up with better technology and equipment for our kids.

I think of the traveling aspect. I consider myself a world traveler. I've mainly been through the US, Mexico and Europe, but I think that counts as a World Traveler. My eyes have been opened to different cultures and heritages and I feel I have a deep respect for them. My eyes have seen happiness and trauma in these places and I've seen things that I'll never be able to un-see. I think being a good traveler is having respect for your destinations.

For this Mom (and undoubtedly many others) Italy was the place to be. She had already learned the language and the sites she wanted to see. It is what any expecting Mother dreams of it being and then God threw her a curve ball and tossed her into Amsterdam. She was unprepared, hadn't done any research. Over time she came to find out that although Italy and Amsterdam are nothing alike, they are as equally as beautiful as another. The view is just a little different and at times, a curve ball is exactly what you need.

I feel inspired by this poem. I feel better when I read this poem. I signed up for special needs motherhood, but I still had no idea what the differences would be. I had to get into the trenches. It is challenging to have a child who can not speak. He can not tell me when he doesn't feel well. I just have to kind of figure it out. It's hard.

Traveling to Holland has been challenging and rewarding. Therapy appointments, Dr visits all begin to add up and it can feel exhausting, but I've never felt more privileged. I look at my kids and I just know that God led us to him for a reason. My view has never looked so beautiful!

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