Monday, April 3, 2017

Efforts and set backs

Hello Everyone-

Sometimes I am so stuck in social media updates that I completely forget this blog exists. Have I complained yet that they discontinued the Blogger app?

We have experienced a mild set back and made some really great progress in the last couple weeks. So about..... 10 days or so ago our Social Worker decided to call us about a change in our oversight company's fees. The short of it was that they had spontaneously tripled the fee. I'm more then sure my face was not pretty when she told me that and I am positive I thought some evil thoughts for several moments. None the less, she assured me we would work everything out and in the next coming days I was told some confusing things; one of which was, "we will pay for this unexpected bit" and "we will call around for other agency pricing". I assumed all was going to be well, they said they'd pay, they'll find someone surely. I gave it until last Thursday before I decided to check in; low and behold, nothing had been done. I got an email in response that I was not to happy with and ended in "I'm out of town until Monday". I was expectedly quite angry and decided to make a few phone calls of my own including one to the oversight agency originally in place. I spoke with a great lady who was able to explain some changes in law and explain the updated fee's and she assured me all would be alright and explained what I needed to do from there. I am quite happy to say that our Home Study report should be in hand this week and we can FINALLY get it to the immigration department. (At some point I'll post a timeframe of how things work)

Now on to the good stuff!! Our almost complete dossier is flying over the Atlantic as we speak! A wonderful, beautiful family graciously offered to carry it in their carry on and will hand deliver it to our team tomorrow. Prayers for safe travels for this family are so appreciated. Literally the only thing we need to complete our dossier is our Home Study report and Immigration approval. That's it! We are soooo close!

Our fundraising has picked up a little bit and I am excited for it. I was trying to keep it low key as to not scare people off but I've decided that just doesn't matter. On my social media in particular there are people I've known 20 years who don't say two words to me. I've had more strangers participate in our fundraisers then "friends" and that's ok. Some are drawn to adoption and its purpose and some aren't. Oh well, honestly I've figured out that if they want to be active they will and if they don't they won't. I'll post about our current and upcoming fundraisers in a separate post. :)

I'll be back with an update as it comes along!


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